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As our first collaborative  project, we have received the opportunity to host an exhibition during the  Rome Art Week 2020 with an exciting group of talented emerging artists, architects, performers and illustrators from all over Europe.  
The exhibition will be taking place in Rome, from the
26th - 31st of October  2020


unsteady . alterable . versatile . adaptable . flexible

With WANDELBAR, we propose an exhibition dealing with the concept of versatility, margins and adaptability within our own spheres of work, merging the lines between art, architecture, illustration and performance. Physical distance and new challenges have forced us to adapt our way of working and seeing, giving way to new creative opportunities in various fields of artistic production.

The curatorial project aims to inject life into a previously unused space and regenerate as well as reclaim an unconventional (exhibition) space into an artistic platform, experimenting with an exhibition concept outside the traditional „white- box“ model. Thus, the space itself becomes part of the theme of versatility, reforming its purpose from a private area to a space for public display of artworks.

Each of the artists and participants are invited to reflect upon the themes of versatility and adaptation, wether it be within their own frame of work, or their creative transformation in recent months of isolation and unsteadiness, or with materiality as an alterable conceptual entity.

WANDELBAR aims to put into question our own reality in an unsteady and ever-changing world, inviting artist, architects, illustrators and performers to engage in a non-conforming, flexible exhibition.

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